The Meta-Self: The Meta-Venn Diagram, a refined definition

Meta-venn1the mathematics of definition and morality and the foundation of egoutism

the meta-self is central focus of an actor. it is whats used to calculate the value of action.  and it can be evaluated from evolution’s perspective

when analyzing the description/meta-self of a set in terms of set theory you get an inverted venn diagram.  or what i call a meta-venn diagram or meta-self venn diagram.

descriptor: a definitional element/condition of a superset that contains the object (meta-self under consideration) as an instance/element. each descriptor represents a component meta-self ( a superset or sub-meta-self)

submeta-self is equivalent to superset 

Consider a meta-self (conceptual set) A that refers to an object of reality.  Then the meta-self of A is such that A that contains all descriptors that describe the object, AND if a is an elements of A then a is a descriptor.

weighted moral meta-self:  a proportional weighting distribution between a partition of the meta-self under consideration into mutually exclusive spanning set of component meta-selves (supersets/descriptors).  egoutism says the weighting SHOULD be proportional on how useful the component is in perpetuating instances of the meta-self under consideration.

the null set: the set that contains all descriptors ensuring contradiction and no instances




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