An Introduction to Ego-Utilitarianism

  1. Ego-Utilitarianism is an objective, economic (anarchist), consequentialist, deterministic, natural, and moral philosophy.  It’s only principle is the existence of one’s “meta-self”. Existence in Ego-Utilitarian terminology is measured in terms of quality (weighted by the meta-self) and quantity of instances. The definition of “meta-self” is not restricted to one’s physical body (watch video introduction to one’s “self” here).  “Meta-self” is all criteria that describes you. “Meta-self” is your definition.  Each criterion/concept itself, no matter how much you decompose it, is another “meta-self”. This principle is derived from evolution and natural selection, economics, game theory,  and mathematics.  Ego-Utilitarianism recognizes that evolution transcends life and applies to all objects in reality, both animate and inanimate.
  2. Once you understand that EU’s ONLY principle is the existence of one’s “meta-self”, it becomes apparent as to what “morality” should be. All action’s or goals should be means to satisfying this principle or primary objective.  There is nothing outside of human action that the principle of “meta-self” existence does not apply to.
  3. EU claims that ALL value is relative (watch the relative theory of value playlist), not subjective (dependent upon a mind). This means that the value of action from the perspective of the actor is also relative
  4. EU defines morality as the optimum strategy (sequence of action) that maximizes “meta-self” existence.  Since EU acknowledges that morality is virtually impossible to attain, the idea of relative value allows you to attempt to compare the degree of morality between any two actions
  5. Since all action and goals are just a means toward the principle of “meta-self” existence, this implies that all action and subordinate goals have moral relative value (how well these actions and goals maximize “meta-self” existence)
  6. Maximizing your “meta-self” existence  by choosing a strategy is analogous to maximizing your throwing distance by choosing a release angle.  it is not a subjective valuation as to which angle of release maximizes the distance of the throw.  the optimum angle of 45° is already determined by physics. It is the same for maximizing “meta-self” existence. Relative value has already determined all the values of every strategy.

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