Ego-Utilitarianism: an Introduction to one’s own “Self”

  • The “Self” is the central focus of Ego-Utilitarianism.
  • I would like to introduce you to your own “self”.  Most, if not the vast majority people are not familiar with one’s “self”.
  • Object: Anything existing in reality. Anything that MAY be apprehended by the mind.  Reality is composed of objects and objects can be composed of other objects.
  • “Self” is any object’s definition. Any set of criteria that describes you is part of your “self” and its own “self”. “Self” is the concept of you or ANY other object.  As you can probably see all objects are “selves” and all “selves” are objects. 
  • criteria=definitions=concepts=mental sets used to classify objects/”selves”.  Be sure to distinguish between a concept and the object that is an instance of it.  The concept of a unicorn exists but an instance of it doesn’t. All concepts exist by default.
  • “self” is not limited to animate objects.  all objects inanimate or animate are “selves”. any component of a composite object is also its own “self”.  Ego-Utilitarianism believes that the theory of Evolution and Natural Selection transcend just biological objects and apply to all objects in reality.
  • Humans “selves” can be partitioned into two subsets:  The genetic and memetic “self” (unsure if there is another set)
  • You can see the genetic “self” dissipate as you get further away from one’s own physical body.  this is analogous to the memetic self dissipation as you get further away from one’s own mind.
  • Meme: an element of culture that is handed down by non-genetic means.
  • “Self” and empathy. We share elements of our definition with other objects. The amount we common we have with respect to another “self” is proportional to the empathy we SHOULD have for that object.
  • imagine a seemingly infinite set of binary digits to represent every possible descriptive criterion. therefore ive mapped the self onto the set of real numbers. Therefore each real number describes a unique concept, or possible object. just like genetic code only extrapolated to memes as well.
  • Set and game theory can be applied.
  •  The “self” binds all objects.  The concern of one’s “self” is both represented in the word “ego” and “utilitarianism” since all objects share some commonality with other objects in definition and therefore share some part of their “self” with each other.
  • the meta-self is the smallest set containing all possible component component meta-selves that you are an element of.

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